Marisa Iocco, Boston's only Italian-born female chef, salutes Italian-American food at Gennaro's 5 North Square Restaurant in the North End with a menu she calls MangiAmerica ( "Eat, America" ).

MangiAmerica celebrates the dishes that are the mainstays of the Italian-American table. Marisa pays homage to the soulful hominess and evocative flavors of italian-American cooking.

Because this is food that so often conjures up memories of personalities and places now departed, she has recreated these dishes as scrupulously- and reverentially- as possible. Sunday gravy is simmered for hours and ladled over house-made fresh macaroni. The mozzarella is produced locally. The fish is hand selected daily from the fishmonger. Some dishes are only available family-style-deliberately intended to be shared with and enjoyed by loved ones.

Marisa Iocco's MangiAmerica menu additionally honors that experience with food that is simple, satisfying and pieno d'amore ( "full of love" ).

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Located at

5 North Square, Boston, MA


Sunday - Thursday | 11:30AM - 10:00PM

Fridays & Saturdays | 11:30AM - 10:30PM

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Private Dining Parties

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Gennaro's 5 North Square offers Private Dining for parties as intimate as 5 in number, to dedicated room celebrations accommodating 40-50 people.

The upstairs area, in addition to a quiet and elegant service bar and ample grand room space is punctuated at its perimeter with a number of bow-front built-in booths overlooking North Square and with views of Boston's skyline, including the US Customs House, a familiar landmark.

The downstairs area, with its grand staircase and chandelier, and intricate turn of the century tin ceiling and wall tiles, ornate with beautiful decorative patterns of the era, offer a classic, formal, yet comfortable dining experience, as if in a 19th century palazzo.


Your guests will feel like royalty, seated in the warmth of the traditional surroundings, and waited upon hand and foot by our attentive, courteous and unobtrusive waitstaff.

Gennaro's trademark service as well as outstanding cuisine is now widely documented in the many rave reviews that the restaurant is accumulating under the aegis of Marisa Iocco, Executive Chef.


What better place to meet for an event but on a quiet plaza, actually the oldest in the city and the most historical as well, several paces from the House of Paul Revere?

North Square is readily identified, directly on the red-brick Freedom Trail and could not be more convenient. The restaurant storefront is unmistakably recognized. Its characteristic bay windows and welcoming awnings have been tastefully matched by proprietor Linda Riccio with the find masterful decorative copper cladding. The entire assembly is highlighted by a series of cleverly placed an angled exterior lighting sconces, which wash the building at night with a warm and attractive glow, and can only be experienced firsthand - photographs barely are able to capture the effect that the Riccio's wonderfully crafted facade has on the North Square environment and the building itself. It transforms the space at nighttime at the lighting smartly actives as the sun begins to fade.

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Marisa Iocco

When Chef Marisa Iocco arrived in Boston in 1989, she spoke no English. She quickly discovered that what she could not say in words, she could communicate through her cooking.

Born in Orsogna, Abruzzo and trained in art, architecture, and the culinary arts, Marisa was determined to introduce the foods of her native Italy to her new country. She believed (and still believes) that good cooking transcends nationality, and that sharing a meal brings people together, regardless of language.

As Boston’s only Italian-born female chef, Marisa is a role model to many in her field. Her less-is-more approach with its emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients and reliance on traditional Italian culinary techniques has brought her awards and accolades and distinguished her as one of the country’s foremost proponents of cucina Italiana.

Marisa’s work has been honored by the Accademia Cucina Italiana (one of the best Italian culinary institutions in America), and Le Dames d’Escoffier. She has been written about by many national and local publications, including The New York Times, Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, Eating Well, United Hemispheres, Boston Magazine, The Boston Globe and The Boston Herald.

About MangiAmerica


In spite of my rigorous training of Italian cuisine and purity of Italian cooking in America, I always have been curious about and baffled by Italian-American food.

However, if I look at its origin, 100 years ago, I can only feel proud of the Italian immigrants, who were able to create very simple but bountiful food, rich in flavors and many spices. It seems they wanted to represent the newfound Promised Land in the richness and abundance of the food they were cooking.

My interest and exploration of the origin of the Italian-American cuisine inspired me to create a menu to glorify the Italian-American style of cooking. I wanted to add elegance, variety and quality to the well known meatballs, chicken cacciatore, veal parm, and other Italian American dishes.

I would like to bring this style of food at a boutique level, affordable and accessible to everyone. My intention is to blend a little of my old rigorous Italian cooking with the new American style so that each could be enriched and enhanced, and both can harmonize.

Let's make Gennaro's 5 North Square a meeting place with friends and family to celebrate and share the pleasure of great food from the menu. Salute! Cheers! And "Mangia America"!

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Gennaro's Restaurant: 5 STARS, Ratings are calculated based on consumer-review websites and blogs, social networks, business rating services and other award information to determine the top companies across the country. Only those high ranking businesses with a 4-5 star rating win the Talk of the Town News Customer Satisfaction Award. "we thoroughly enjoyed our dining experience at Gennaro's. four of us had lunch and each meal was perfect!" MangiAmerica means to change all that. Utilizing the best ingredients she can find ' locally caught fish, artisanal cheeses, handcrafted pastas Chef Iocco is bringing Italian-American back to life. Gennaro Riccio, the fourth generation of his family, will soon take over the eatery at 5 North Square. At only 21 years of age, he has the wisdom and confidence to bring in an artist for the transition 4 STARS Gennaro's, a perfectly nice two-star red-sauce restaurant with old North End charm all around, hired chef Marisa Iocco, a true daughter of Abruzzo, and set her to creating a menu that "pays homage to the soulful hominess and evocative flavors of Italian-American cooking." Given that Iocco has only been in the US since 1990, and spent most of that time running top-notch kitchens For over 20 years, Marisa Iocco has been preparing classic Italian food, true to her birthplace, and to great praise, in Boston's North End. The kitchens she has helmed over the years have consistently been in the top of their class and she's long been regarded as one of the best chefs in Boston. Now, at Gennaro's 5 North Square, Iocco has stepped outside the realm of classic Italian that made her so renowned. Gennaro's 5 North Square Restaurant gets 5 out of five stars. Charming location. Our meal was wonderful Diners came for a romantic date. Timeless Italian favorites and quaintly dated keep this nostalgic North End eatery firmly anchored Diner's Choice, Most Romantic, 4 1/2 out of 5 stars..the staff was excellent! 94% of Zagat subscribers loved it!